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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  July 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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get a slew of different kind of companies in energy. i want to hear what they say about global demand. >> we want to see if they can keep it going this year. >> keep it there. thank you. "fast money" is coming up in just a few moments with pell lisa lee. what's on tap? >> tech following that enables motion sensors and swiping. we got the company that has the technology for half tech technology, it's supposedly in the iphone 6 and the iwatch. we have the ceo and we are pressing him if he is one apple as a customer. >> thank you. >> "fast money" starts right now. new york city's time's square, straighters are tim seymour, guy adami, whole foods share sink as guidance comes in below expectations. a conference call is just beginning. we'll bring you the latest throughout the hour. a social turn yarnd, yelp taking a turn to the downside as an official pop in after hours for
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a 9% of stock for the day t. company adding fewer businesses this quarter than last quarter. we will talk about ba is behind this tonight. brian kelly what do you make of this? >> in terms of yelp, it's a good thing to look at. twitter and facebook have defined things you will use and little competition. you have google coming into the space, open table coming into the space in some ways. so there are other alternatives here. i think you have to separate out yelp from the other names. twitter i think is the most attractive names in the social stocks. i almost pulled the trigger today. i think i might get in the low 40s. >> obviously, behind the yelp's 9% move, it was a huge move if twitter. some people might be skeptical saying it's riding the coat tails and wasn't going to be a great earnings report. >> absolutely. we were talking about this the last couple of days. when you talk about facebook and twitter, they are different companies, social media but different companies. what matters is do you add
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growth? well, twitter proved they had revenue, top line growth and growth in the user base as well. 16 million added, the best in the last five quarters. so when you look at the international, that's where they're getting it. will that be sustainable as we get into the fall and winter and the next couple quarters? we don't have those answers yet. this was an inflexion quarter. that's where the stock is. i think they can hold after the numbers they put up because the excitement is put back into the stock. >> the thing is do you have scale? not everyone will win. two or three quarters back, you are getting into a place where gel e yelp las to prove. the google a whether go change has a traffic clang. what is going on with their platform and the international growth. so what we have seen with facebook, they are growing internationally. with twitter, they are growing internationally. what can yelp do when you trade 150 times, you need to show your top line and your users, not so
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sure. >> it's interesting to see all these stocks move if tandem. yesterday after hours, we saw a lot move higher. they are very different business models. >> 200 times foreign earnings. the growth has to be there. you look at that growth, 55% year over year growth. end of active local business accounts. 27% year over year growth in other areas. it's good, not good enough. that said, it's a short interest in yelp. here's a stock it was a north of $100 back in march. i think against 72-and-a-half, 73 stop, i think this is sort of interesting on the long side. i think it will have more room in the upside. >> it's about a 50% short interest in shares of yelp. >> it's split hairs. it's significant. >> it's up there. yesterday you said your mind had changed about twitter. >> like i said, the reason why my mind changed yesterday is bus of the metrics on tear ref few that they're getting from their advertisers. it's about half of what facebook is getting.
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costolo talked about the fact there is very few barriers to them increasing that ad revenue. i think with everything they are doing, adding on the users, with the new video sharing, everything that they're going to have, there is no reason -- they don't need more users. all they have to do is sell alds at a higher price. >> let's bring in neil on the "fast" line, feel doshi. >> good having me. >> is that the reason the stock turned around after hours? >> i think it is the primary reason. they added about 5900 businesses, they added about 17,000 in the quarter before and they added about 6800 businesses in the year ago june quarter. so this is actually the first time we see a year reader decline in the past six quarters. so, you know, given the big opportunity that yelp has, the fact that they have a total of about 80,000 active local businesses versus about 1.8
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million businesses that have claimed a local page. we've seen that little bit of penetration taken downwards. i think that's what's taking the stock down. >> you upgrade shares of twitter prior to the earnings release. we did see the follow-through in terms of the impact and social space, pretty much across the board, i'm wondering, of the companies that got that twitter boost today, which companies actually merited that boost? which of those moves should be failed? >> yeah, you know, i think linkedin got a prettifies boost today. i think that could be merited. we'll find out tomorrow when they report their earnings, but, you know, they're doing tear top -- growing their top line very well. we think the first half gator product could be a boost to earnings in the back half of this year. >> thank you, feel doshi. we have breaking news from argumenty fa. kate kelly is in the fast lane with all the details. >> reporter: s&ps a declared argentina is if a state of selective default.
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they're doing this a number of hours earlier in the market was an tase pateing based on the fact it's now after 6:00 a.m. in tokyo and certain bond holders to presumably reside in the asian markets are now in a state of default because argumenty fa was not able to pay in terms of a deadline that came today. we are also expictureing to hear from the argument tinnian finance minister in about ten minutes from the consulate. members of his government have been throughout the day with these so-called holdout bond members from the large hedge fund to resolve the impact they have been at the tune of about 1.3 billion. so, melissa, it will be interesting to see if he ar tick lates any break in this log jam that's been going on more years, more heatedly in recent weeks. however, already in the eyes of some, architecty fa has defaulted. >> kate kelly, topping very much. tim see more, where do we look for the ramifications of this?
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>> in the short term, there weren't many. when you look at architect tina's problem, it's two fold, one they have a leftover debt burden. the other problem is if terms of selling the issue. there is an issue ultimately with the fact this clause is something we're not getting into the details of it. it would have cross default implications for these guys, so they can't do it. it's some of the politicians are on the books at the time this happened could be criminally liable. the market, get them through january to restructure this debt. meanwhile the whole anticipation of a deal done today had argentine 80 yards, bma, bfr, up 8 to 12%. it's a time line people might want to at least revisit that move today. because i don't think you've chased these things right here. >> by the way, the cart we showed. that's the after hour moves in this stock. >> ypf is another one, last week, dan lowe disclosed a position in that.
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his bet was argentina would avoid this default. i would watch tomorrow aspy indicator on that. what will happen is the peso craters and the argentina might do well by default. >> argumenty fa selective default. the argentinian finance minister is expected to speak in about five minutes from now. in the after hours session, we got an alert. a conference call whole foods getting under way. courtney is live with the latest. >> reporter: whole foods is turning on a picksed quarter. shares falling after hours in response. the organic grocer beating the street on the bottom line of 2 cents. revenue, tow, falk slightly shy of expectations at 3.38 billion. same store sales up. analysts expected to see comp growth of about 4 pine 7%. whole foods cutting its earnings and same store sales forecasts, saying competition in the organic space is continuing to swell. the board is announcing a new $1
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billion buy back program. sales are down by a couple hair's percent, we are bouncing it around a bit. we will bring you more as the conference gets under way and see if we have more insight into the earnings. >> guy adami, is this a business model that's broken? >> i think that seems to be what's happening t. growth was there. now you can't. it's very hard to justify 22 times forward earnings with the growth we are seeing right now. an interesting day in the stock, tow, it was up almost 2% on huge vurnlgs which leads me to believe a lot of shorts were scared going into earnings. now i think they have to put the shorts right back out. if we open around here, it's basically around a two-year low. my ink instinct is they will lean into this tomorrow. >> on a full year earnings basis, whole foods is several tiles, they are still more expensive tan the other peers?
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>> although the growth is desell rating rapidly, you get to a place where you have valuation support. the ebitda makes sense, granted the competition is putting pressure on. that i think $36 bucks is definitely the place for the stocks to hold. i would trade it with that stuff. i think at some point here there is a lot of bad news here. >> i think a lot of the bad fuse is priced. i bought it in the after hours. >> did you? >> the reason i did was i also and brian -- >> you bought the stock, itself? >> i did. i was talking with brian kelly beforehand with the idea of the purchase program as well. the billion dollars, that's a real number. we all know how bad things have been. we talked about the competitive environment. i have been pounding that table for a very long time with this stock. you looked at a pe level far exceeding where it is now. now we are at the longest level of pe foods. when i look at this stock, i think it's an ton.
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i think that's why i bought it. >> i completely agree. the fact it was down, to me, shows how bad the sentiment is. that's exactly the place you step in. >> would you step in? >> yes. i might even do it during the special. >> we'll see. we are following after hours action throughout the show tonight. weight watchers on fire, is it too late to get in? that's next. is the edge i age of ipads over, the tablet market is dead. what does it mean for the company inside all these gadgets? the ceo joins us exclusively. spiedy sense, they're atingleing. tell us what unusual activity he spots next on "fast." ♪
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i didn't kill her, david. and i voted for decisive military action. ♪ america, you cast your votes. now, go to xfinity on demand and select the people's hotlist to see this summer's top 100 shows and movies. i voted! a . [ music playing ] [ music playing [ music playing ] >> times for official activity. pete, what did you see? >> on monday they were rolling out of august calls, going to january, just another bullish bet, extending themselves with time. today what we were seeing was similar style trades selling puts if august.
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very bullish, once again, going out and buying the september '13 calls over 22 thousand at the end of the day were purchased very inexpensively. it's up 120ier-to-date. it's on a roll. it continues to push to the upside. folks are expecting to see that continue more to the upside. i'm not heari any chatter about anything. >> did you also roll up to september? >> i didn't roll up. i bought more. >> you bought more. >> i continue to add to my position. there is something going on. it feels like this thing for whatever reason, we'll find out this new story, i'm sure. >> we will break down the trades, starting off with weight watchers soaring in the after hours session him beakers. >> you might say shedding their reputation. >> shed their reputation. >> listen, this is an example of a stock that has awful sentiment. it has had awful sentiment all
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year. grade earnings here. $20 is probably your stop off point. this is a seasonal play. you won't get a lot of catalysts until january, 2015. if you get a pullback 21-ish it's probably really good risk entrance to get into this. >> i would be trimming. >> is that a wave joke? >> three wave jokes. not one sentiment. >> that's funny. >> exactly. next up. >> the jury now. >> convincing on earnings, shutterfly posting better than expected revenues, tim. >> on the revenue side, the company doesn't make money but the revenue continues to grow. strategic side is what you are watching. mna activity coupled with fundamentals. the worst is over. the stock has starting to show
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there are numberal reasons, you jump in and wait. >> is the tablet market headed for an early debt? why two different companies are saying sales are crashing. that's next. plus which companies will have products pence the new iphone? we pressed the ceo in may. he is back and maybe he is finally ready to 'fess up. >> you mentioned samsung was your biggest company. you mentioned coin. you didn't mention a big phone launch here in the united states. >> we have a stated policy not to talk about any product until it's either announced by our commerce or torn down like some of the products that we talked about. >> so apple, iphone, throw it out there. yes, no? >> we're working very hard to get every customer, melissa. from 2000 to 2011, on average 17 manufacturers a day shut down in america.
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there's no reason we can't manufacture in the united states. here at timbuk2, we make more than 70,000 custom bags a year, right here in san francisco. we knew we needed to grow internationally, we also knew that it was much more complicated to deal with. i can't imagine having executed what we've executed without having citi side by side with us. their global expertise was critical to our international expansion into asia, into europe and into canada. so today, a customer can walk into our store in singapore, will design a custom bag and that customer will have that american made bag within a few days in singapore.
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[ music playing ] it's all music from this century, so guy adami. >> good lord. >> no, honestly. >> that was better now. >> does anybody know? >> play the crying baby. >> jerks. >> tablet market. the tabth market is crashing. best boy ceo told walt mossberg the tablets boomed and are now crashing. once you have a tablet of a certain generation, it's not clear that you have to move onto the next generation the maker of corning, gorilla glass, is cutting growth because of low demand. the cfo said we got that really wrong about what was happening in the tablet market. and we have adjusted down our
5:22 pm
forecast dramatically. so are tablets headed for an early death? pete, do you take what these two gentleman say? >> i wouldn't say it is an early death. it certainly is slowing. >> which we knew. >> and apple is the easiest way to lock and break the ting down. if 2012, 60% of the tablet market. that's been dropping significantly. when you look even within apple's numbers the ipads and sales, that's the number everybody has been look over saying, wow, it's starting to slip. it's for the longer a surprise, people are expecting that. that's why people are anticipating refresh, i think they're getting other buyers, they're moving to other areas, the phone comes out, ipad 6, it's one more iphone tablet killer. >> i don't think people care about the ipad sales. this was a great quarter. we had the iphone sales better tan expected in the last quarter in terms of the refresh the five
5:23 pm
first half inch iphone which poses the biggest threat is rumored to be six months delayed. we will get a sense of how important that is to people. if are you buying a 4.7, aren't you going to wait for a 5.5? therefore, it will push back apple sales. >> apple said if they didn't have such a great quarter elsewhere, they are trying to project what happened with the ipod, everybody thought it was going to be cannibalized. it wasn't. everything thought it would happen with the ipad. it is getting cannibalized. i don't think there is a reason to upgrade. if you have a generation 1 like some of us do, bk, you have to run the software and not the apps. i find myself on the phone. >> the generation is right there. >> it still works. >> that's exactly the point. maybe it never needs an upgrade. >> it's still me.
5:24 pm
glassworks, quickly, you mentioned it. last week, this stock stealthily had a nice run. here's a name that went if 12 to 52. probably a three-year high. you got to be careful, sold off on the back of those earnings. you basically top that as you did if 2011. i think the stock goes to the mid-teens before it trades again. >> the company that tracks movement, invensense, some analysts are expecting big thing in the coming months. let's bring in the ceo and president of invensense, it's great to have with you us. >> it's great to be here again. >> i will ask you the question again, many people are getting very excited about the iphone as we approach the launch date. can we find an invensense component in either of these devices? >> you know, i have to give you the standard answer. i can't comment on that anymore.
5:25 pm
it's the same answer, we got to stop meeting like this. >> but there is a certain level of assumption on the part of wall street an a lists. let me ask you this way. in terms of the full 84 guidance you gave for the september quarter for the rest of the year. does that bake already in one contract. does it bake if products that will come out in the future? how should we view that? >> what we said is that we have a very strong growth ahead for the year, for the whole year, especially this quarter and next quarter and that's from the back of really broad-based design wins, across the market. across multiple examiners and regions. that's football one, number two, we're getting additional content. if you look at the camera experience, it's really getting significant. people want to differentiate on the camera image quality and with the optical imagization which is an additional content in the phone. we're doing well with that. that's coming out.
5:26 pm
it's fascinating. we can talk about it. it's every region across every product line that we have. we are excited about the market share again. this year, today, our market share is creeping up above 50%, the tax rate of our products is going up. the high end part is phone tentration is going up. those are some of the factors contributing to the overall revenue guidance and eps guidance. >> in terms of the design wins, all the design wins so far are factored into the genes have you given? >> yes. that's true. yes. including all the forecasts, everything's if there. >> all right. i want to talk to you about the comments we heard from the best buy ceo as well as the corning executive about the tablet market. what are you seeing? is it this crash the two seem to be alluding to? >> you know, we don't see a tablet as a separate product category than a phone. really, the only difference for us, at least, our product lines are going across the board, pacific, we are getting higher
5:27 pm
penetration across tablets. water really happening is that the tablet is becoming a more fragmented. it's a continuum of display size. you got the nine inch, seven inch, five inch, four-inch phones. it's a continuum. so whatever you were doing with those then-inch tablet if you can do it smarter form factors and vice versa. that's an opportunity for us to go into the traditional market. if coin, that itself few market for us we are going into, in china. we are really excited about that. i don't see a tablet different than a phone. it's the display size, i understand the display guys or the glass guys are really concerned about it, because it's less content for them. for us, it's actually additional content. >> you got to leave it there. thanks so much for joining us. we do appreciate it. >> thank you very much in there the ceo of invensense, all right. for the comment on whether or not it's in the iphone. they did a tear down of the
5:28 pm
iwatch. they found out half tech technology in the strap which would imply invensense. >> i forgot the last time, what we said was the stock is worth owning. it's extraordinarily volatile. both those things have come to past. i think it's worth earning. you would think it's a 50 times multiple. it's not. it's not that expensive given what they anticipate. i think it's worth owning, plus the short interest on the back of it. i think if you have the stomach for this, you lo thing stock. >> bertha coombs is back in headquarters with details. >> reporter: yesterday, we told you carl icahn reduced his stake, he did again, now he's taken family dollar is at 3.61%, now he's under 5%, he doesn't have to talk about it anymore. he started off at 9.4% at one point, cut to 6 yesterday. now he is just over 3.5% or so.
5:29 pm
for the suite tweets from him. he is awfully quiet. >> bertha coombs, thank you for that. a big surprise the gdp sending the u.s. dollar to a ten month high. we'll tell you the good, the bad, the ugly. that's next. the latest on the whole foods earnings call. much more "fast" straight ahead. .
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. welcome back to "fast" whole food shares are down, we'll have the latest from that conference call coming up. plus, if you missed out on twitter's 20% pop today with egot another way for you to make money on the stock. first the dollar hitting ten-month highs tooz today, gdp expands, the dollar is stronger, which companies are getting a boost? which is getting beaten down, let's bring if paul hickey. >> glad to be with you. >> the dollar has been on a tear only two down days in the last two weeks. up 2%. so we want to avoid companies that add international exposure. look at the industrials and the consumer staple sectors, both
5:33 pm
have been breaking down as the dollars rallied. we do for our clients is based on the dollar's trends, recommend stocks based on the ref few exposure. so two stocks that look attractive currently right now are republic services and. >> wells fargo. >> wells fargo, sorry. republic is owned by bill gates. 100% formation in the u.s. you will see more people throwing away garbage and more demand for their services. they also have a lot of room to grow in the recyclables. it's a small percent right now. it's increasing. wells fargo, it's cheaper. waste management has a higher valuation. wells fargo is the name in the u.s. again, it trades at a premium to the banks. itative shown they deserve that premium and again we see a stronger u.s. economy, the
5:34 pm
housing sector is going to hiccup, albeit grudgingly slow as it's been, wells fargo, that will be good, i don't have all loan demand increasing will be good. >> if we are to believe lates remain low, though arc longer am of time, therefore the dollar may remain range bound or slow, we may not see this sort of benefit to these companies yet. >> you are exactly right. we have been bullish for a while now. it stopped going down, it has been trading range bound. >> so many people have been expecting a strange dollar. this is a year first half going. >> you look eight, check growth, they were worried about industrials because of the horrible data out of europe. that's come to bear so far this earnings season, so the u.s. economy is doing better than rest of the world and rates have been at zero for a long time. at some point i point rates will go up. they will go up if europe. >> let's get the flipside, which
5:35 pm
companies will be hurt if. >> you want to look at companies with international exposure and they have increased their exposure, they're more susceptible to weak ness here, so boeing is a fame that had almost 60% of this revenues deriefbed from internet, domestically if 20. today it's only 43%. so that, as these economies, come under pressure, you will see some i think weakness in boeing. which you've already started to see that. another company isestee lauder makeup and beauty products. i have a wife and four daughters, that's a reason for me to blush on it. even that will make me strong. international exposure, more than half their revenues overseas, makeup an that stuff is in elastic demand, people can trade down. a third of the revenue is in europe. >> you traded down, pete? >> i'm sorry? >> seriously, do you like any of
5:36 pm
these names? >> i do. to tim's point, we haven't had the moves in the dollar that everybody is expect him. we're expecting these spliefrs. one question that pops out on the negative side would be a when. it's had a nice run of late. the revenue is coming from oversea, obviously 70% of the revenue, mcgow. >> i think that's an prn interesting point. they were granted small percent if vegas. the stock has been under pressure. yes, they are very heavily exposed. they are exposed to china. coin has been doing better. >> paul hickey, thank you for coming down. >> the services, what he mentioned is a checker on top. i think you own the stock regardless, against 35, which the stock had trouble with a long time this year. $35 is your stop. at 18 times irks it's not expensive. you get a little dividend.
5:37 pm
>> beakers. >> wells fargo stuck out to me. not because i'd want to buy it. i would want to sell it. it's not great for wells fargo, yes, they're spread, their interest rate spread might be better. i would not be buying it as a dollar play. >> big movers of the day. the pops. >> the story line, stock got up to 104.50. i think you can stay and wait for a better opportunity. >> garmin down. >> not a good sign the quarter was so strong. i don't like this reversal on big volume. i think valuation is getting in the way. i still leak the story. the stock probably trades later. >> tim. >> we have been following barclays. getting back to profitability is very important for this company.
5:38 pm
i don't think balancing, shrinking, watching costs on the bottom line is how you grow their business, though. i think you fade this move on a stock that's totally performed the rest of the footsie. >> netflix is up 2% him beakers. >> a jump, not huge for netflix. necessarily they forge a deal with at&t. i still think there is a lot of costs here. this is a name i would fade. there is also the b. kchl indicator at 450 in january. i actually figured out what netflix does t. trade is probably over. >> so now you know what it does, wow? >> i think it's genius. it's fantastic. >> he creates his own. >> great. >> and we have a perfect boy toy. a new female founded start-up called man servants may be a girl's best friend for $80 bucks an hour, they can cater to their every desire. i don't like this story.
5:39 pm
they pour drinks, snapping instagram photos. that's so ownerous and feeding grapes to the female in charge. its not an escort service. these model boyfriends are required to keep their hand to themselves. >> of course, hockey. that's illegal in 49 states. >> why? >> it's a butler, basically. >> that's what you call it. >> that's what we're saying. >> it's just a companion. >> not a bad dig date if you can get it. >> are you putting yourself out there? >> it doesn't look like they're having too bad a time. whole foods following the earnings report. court fireagan has been listening to the conference call, she joins us with the highlights, courtney. >> i'm not going to comment on those man servants sitting on both sides of you. actually it's moving a little back up. they're talking about the impact of competition, slowing sales
5:40 pm
growth t. comp of 3.9%. the slowest rate in more than four years, on the conference call, discussing upcoming innavation to excite subscribers. take a listen. >> we are expanding our reach to customers outside the stores, through strategic part ferships, we will offer home delivery and examiner pickup in 12 to 15 major markets and launch our first online prescription club by calendar year end. next we're we expect to do direct ship in key categories. >> they're discussing the price investments or price cuts it's made noteing many more pounds of salmon were sold as the price fell. barclays saying it will take time for consumers to recognize those lower prices, melissa, back to you. >> courtney reagan, thanks for that. the fact that they dosanjh have home delivery now, doesn't that concern you? you said that could be a catalyst?
5:41 pm
are they so late to the game at this point? >> i don't think they will be late to the game. they are. definitely, they've paused for a long time. that i have not addressed a lot of the different measures from a competitive landscape. when you look at everybody else they're going up against right now. they certainly have ground to make up right now. >> that's low hanging fruit. i don't think that's a major business change. i don't think that's that big a deal. therefore, i think it's possible. >> they can deliver grapes to man servants. >> they can deliver the whole foods. >> that's the low print that i saw. >> maybe they can deliver to the man servants those grapes. >> you started it. >> i will move on. we will get an earnings move. >> i am picking guy peeling grapes for you, meantime, shares of glu mobile are falling after it announced it will boy cie game franchise for about $100 million in cash and stock.
5:42 pm
glu mobile is the publisher of the hit kim kardashian hollywood. it reported a loss of 2 cents a share. smaller than the 4 cents the street was looking for. revenue was up. the stock, tow, currently is creating to the downside there. it looks like, yeah, it's done quite a bit there. it doesn't lock like a kardashian beat there. down more than 8.8%. back to you. >> thanks a lot. we've had the ceo on of glu mobile after the kardashian app. >> don't even come to me on this one. >> i think the highlights a lot of the stocks. they continually have to come up with the newest, hottest, latest product. it costs a lot of money or research. then you got to get lucky. >> it's a small company, too, to not have scale and run into the competitive issues they have at some point, i wouldn't touch this.
5:43 pm
>> ipo, marching on, one company is going public that every tesla investor is watching. we got the details after the brake. twitter soaring 20% in today's trade the big gains may not be over yet. how you can still get if. more "fast money" straight ahead. .
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♪ ♪ ♪. >> it's sing-a-long wednesday. the maker for driverless cars is set to go leave. phil lebeau is live with the story. >> we should look to more related to mobileeye. mobileeye is based out of israel. what's tear specialty? well they specialize if what's known as adas, which is advanced driver active vaeft. their tech following warns drivers of impending collisions, lane departure. pedestrian collisions, if that's a possibly. it will also be key to future you a on the pus drive vehicles. it's already in 3.3 million vehicles world wide. it doesn't mean they will be you
5:47 pm
a on the pus drive. this is the technology in steps we will see in the future. take a look at the revenue growth over the last three years. it has rained substantially, starting at 19.2 million in 2011. it's doubled basically every year since ten on the profits and losses side, they turned their first profit if 2013, $19.9 million. it dwindled over the years. possiblyeye is the first of what we will see many of. a number of tech firms specifically gearing tear products towards the automotive and transportation industries, this is a hot area, mobileeye is the first of those, that ipo is coming tomorrow him melissa. >> thanks so much. the company raised the range already. they raised the amount they are going to raise, it is a highly anticipated ipo. when you think of the road to self driving cars, it's the
5:48 pm
incremental steps the braking that enables that to happen. peebleeye is a player there. >> listen, it's obviously ubiquitous in the automobile industry. the only worry i have, nobody has thought about, what's the liability? if that system goes down, look at ignition systems. what happens if that system goes down? is it leebl? i would be careful on the ipo because of that. >> it is already is in many vehicles. doherty has it is probably tesla is working on driverless automation in its vehicles right now. >> you see the auto sales. you wonder if the ipo is lining up with potentially the short-term top of the auto mark t. auto market has been on fire as it's slowing down. that could be a possible concern as well. >> could i take it if a absolutely different direction. >> as you look at this, who is the lead underwriter? gold man sanction and morgan
5:49 pm
stanley. sold p goldman sachs is pushing towards the 52-week highs. i continually see their name at the top of so many underwriters i think this is building as we get deeper into 2014 and something to keep an eye on. >> i like goldman, i think it's going higher. >> black to the tech following, this is a technology company, let's be clear, tesla is trying to be an auto company, in terms of valuation where things should trade, this should trade at a much higher multiple. i don't believe you can sustain this valuation with the production schedules they have. panasonic announced a small investment in their giga factory. bank of america, this guy is as bearish on the stock as anybody on the street. i total agree. i think it's an under investment, a call option, it's not an emphatic commitment. i think it tells you what you want to know.
5:50 pm
>> we saw they happened tesla and candy technologies. >> look at what that did in a smaller country like sweden for tesla? ethink for china, it's a big move. >> that's a car for the masters. it's not intending to be anything like the sportscar that a tesla is. it's a golf cart for people in chosen. i think that's a big, big deal. >> all right. we should know. tesla concernearnings out after bell. the parts spending grew 7.5%. cars made the highest rate since the first quarter of 2006. but post-car loans are subprime some could we be headed for more trouble if they are? in there the question, though, is how much did they fall on the first quarter, which were reversed. this gdp football was helped by
5:51 pm
exports. your point is well taken. when you look at the auto industry and the refresh cycle going on, i think we're in the middle of it. u.s. is close to seven million vehicles. i think that the auto makers are making better cars and they're locking in new customers and that's where there is real demand. >> in terms, yes, maybe they are. maybe more people are buying. so how are they buying those cars if one-third -- >> that's the plan. that's what we want. we want the banks. we want lenders out there generating demand. the only question is, does, is this getting us toward the end? there is a correlation between car sales and housing and zillow released a report today, where they showed a big increase in inventory and housing, the price is starting to roll over a bit. if we are, it's a tail end. i don't know if it's a trade tomorrow. it's a signal, we're at the tail end of the growth if this area. >> add school loans, i don't know if these are adjustable or
5:52 pm
not. to answer your question, yes, it could be a significant problem fbl obviously, then the caveat is, it's a timing thing. i couldn't begin to tell you when that might happen. >> did you miss out on twitter's huge surge following it's earnings report last night? don't worry, you can still make money on the trade right after the break. stay tuned. . . ♪ ♪ over 1.2 billion eyeballs are on us during the two weeks at wimbledon. true tennis fans want to know what's happening. they don't want to just see what's happening, they want to know and understand why it's happening. anybody can just put data up, but we want to get a reaction, make it far more interactive. we rely on the cloud to provide that immersive digital capability. give fans more then just the game with the ibm cloud. the ibm cloud is the cloud for business.
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earnings. better if you own the stock. what happens if you missed the rally? >> they were insisting there is a lot of options activity if twitter today. a lot of people were buying upside calls. if you did not own the stock and missed out on the rally, you might think it has that much more left in it. another way is taking advantage of the fact that options premiums in twitter are relatively high. you can collect about doctor 340i7b 25, almost 10% of the stock price, if the stock sits here the move is done, you will take that premium. in the stock declines, you will be forced to boy it at that stock price. net a 4 and a quarter, you will
5:56 pm
be netting 40 as a purchase price. you can play the fact the stock will sit here after that big move and make a buggish bet without having to pay for that sharp rally. >> mike koe, thanks for that. check out the website options we come right back. . you make a great team. it's been that way since the day you met.
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. >> time for the final trades, tim seymour. >> cifi bank, rates are going higher him they will benefit. >> yahoo monster trades today. i think the stock is going higher from here. >> brian kelly. >> tim talked about rates going higher. he is right on that i think. you buy it. it looked like the long end of the yield broke today. might be the top. >> guy. >> we have unbelievable intern. you have been at this a long time. >> page. page. intern. >> amanda garcia. >> ag 1. >> she is scared to be on camera. it's her birthday. >> happy birthday.
6:00 pm
>> this is going to come back to bite me. given what's transpired linkedin, into earnings tomorrow. >> i'm melissa lee, thanks for watching. we will see you tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast" meantime my make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" start now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to entertain burk to educate and teach. call me at 877-743-concerning nbc or tweet me


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